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Taste Endless Flavors in

The World of 888 Cheese Potato

Welcome to the world of 888 Cheese Potato

A world that leads the food trend

Coming here, we have simple food trucks, but also an opportunity to create a business.

Coming to the magical potato paradise will also bring you an endless taste experience.


About our Food Trucks

Our food truck is a mobile food truck that brings the charm of potatoes to every corner of you.

Feel the liveliness of the street, taste the specialities of the food truck, and experience the

unique charm of potatoes. Whether it is a busy lunch time or a leisurely night street, our food

truck always provides you with the most delicious choices.

On the food truck, you can also taste the mellow and refreshing winter melon tea. No matter

where you are, winter melon tea is the perfect companion for your food, allowing you to feel our

care and enthusiasm even when you are walking.

In addition to our mobile food truck, we also have a fixed potato store. Step into our store and

you will be surrounded by the charming aroma of potatoes. In this warm environment, a variety

of creative potato dishes await your discovery and taste.

From traditional potato roasting to trendy cheese potatoes, we will present you with a feast of

potatoes, letting your taste buds enjoy the ultimate enjoyment. In addition, the store also offers

refreshing snowflake ice, bringing you a different kind of refreshing experience.

Infinite Business Opportunities,
Right Before Your Eyes

Seize the Opportunity, Dare to Fly

On the bustling streets, have you ever thought of encountering a unique scene?

Now, it's possible! Welcome to the Potato Food Truck, where your food entrepreneurship journey begins!


We welcome you to join 888

        Whether you are a loyal fan of potatoes, interested in potato cuisine, or a boss who wants to

have passive income, the world of potatoes welcomes you to join.


        Let's explore the infinite charm of potatoes together, start a food entrepreneurship journey, and let your taste buds wander endlessly in the ocean of potatoes! Let your wealth blossom in your


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