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888 Cheese Potato Food
Truck Business Corporation Plan


Here are 6 Simple Steps before Opening


01:Cooperation Consulting

Understand our cooperation through phone call or physical meeting


02:Apply for interview

Submit Application Intent + Assess Qualifications


03:​Seal the Deal

Sign the Cooperative Agreement



04:Site Selection

Conduct Site Selection Feasibility Study



Acquire all equipment and ingredients



Store Operations Management covering Theoretical Practical Training


Start a business without burden

Join us in our 888 Cheese Potato Food Truck Plan, you will receive a ton of benefits:


Free Training

We offer complimentary training for business owners and employees, covering essential

topics like food safety inspection, service skills, sales strategy, and more. Equip yourself

and your team with the professional business management skills needed for success.


Free Brand Promotion

We will provide free brand promotion services for your food truck, including promotion on

social media, offline activities and other channels, to help you quickly establish your

brand awareness and reputation.


Unified Selection of Ingredients

We provide a unified selection of ingredients, allowing you to easily and conveniently

purchase high-quality ingredients, ensuring that your dishes always remain fresh and



Flexible Operating Location

Your food truck can freely choose its operating location based on market demand and

event conditions, making your business more flexible and adaptable.


Fixed Store Location Support

If you are interested in opening a fixed store, we will provide professional site selection

support and guidance to help you choose the best location for your business.


Business Consulting Services

We offer a range of business consulting services to help you solve operational problems

and challenges, improve operational efficiency, and boost profitability.


Fee Discount

Participants in our program will be charged a temporary annual fee of RM1000, allowing

you to enjoy more business benefits and support during the initial stage.


Why Choose Us?

When it comes to low-risk and low-burden entrepreneurship, food truck cooperation is indeed a

relatively ideal choice. Here are some reasons to support this view:

1. Low Initial Investment:

Food truck cooperation generally requires less initial investment than traditional catering

businesses. Compared to opening a restaurant or a fast food chain independently, the startup

cost of food truck cooperation is lower. This allows entrepreneurs to enter the market with

relatively low risk.

2. Reduced Business Risks:

Cooperative food trucks allow entrepreneurs to leverage existing brand awareness and

business models. Entrepreneurs can rely on the operational support and experience providedby the headquarters, which reduces many risks and uncertainties that may be encountered

when operating independently.

3. Flexibility and Scalability:

Food truck operations are highly flexible and can be adjusted according to market demand and

operating conditions. If business is not ideal at a particular location or time period, it is relatively

easy to change the location or time of operation to adapt to market changes.

4. Brand Support and Training:

Cooperation usually means that you can get full support and training from the headquarters.

This includes site selection advice, marketing support, employee training, etc. This support can

help entrepreneurs establish their business faster and reduce the possibility of failure.

5. Market Research Completed:

Cooperating with a successful food truck brand means that market research has been

completed and the brand has been proven to be successful in a specific market. This reduces

the need for entrepreneurs to conduct their own market research and trial and error, and

reduces the uncertainty of market positioning.

In conclusion, food truck entrepreneurship cooperation is an attractive option for those who want

to reduce entrepreneurial risk, reduce burden and seek relatively stable returns. It provides a

relatively safe entrepreneurial path while providing entrepreneurs with flexibility and

development potential.

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