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888 Cheese Potato
Experience entrepreneurship like never before

888 cheese potato is not just a delicious meal, but also a symbol of alliance and cooperation.

People who are determined to join us and start a business together will strive to bring

delicious food into thousands of households, so that every family can try this delicious food.


Origins of 888 Cheese Potato

30 years ago, Dr. Y led a group of young, aspiring entrepreneurs. Their hearts burned with a  belief in changing the world and a simple yet big dream: to bring happiness to everyone they meet. After gaining entrepreneurship experience in China and Taiwan, they arrived in Malaysia, only to be met with an unexpected epidemic upon their arrival. This sudden outbreak added a significant layer of uncertainty to their entrepreneurial future. The raging epidemic was making it extremely difficult to keep businesses running. Just as they finished renovating their shop, the lockdown forced them to stay home, unable to communicate freely or even leave the house. However, it was during this difficult time that they truly united, facing all unforeseen challenges together. During those long days, they poured their hearts and minds into exploring, trying and never giving up despite meeting obstacles, looking for a chance of breakthrough. Dr. Y acted like a lighthouse, giving light and direction in the dark sea of uncertainty.

His wisdom and determination motivated the team, inspired them to be brave to face challenges and go beyond oneself. In the end, they overcame all obstacles, witnessing the light of victory. They became more determined to pursue happiness, and they understood the importance of unity and courage even more. This experience is a true reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit, and it is a spiritual wealth worth inheriting. After this storm, their stories are still being written. Wouldn’t you want this resilient team on your side?

If you’re looking forward to this, contact them and write this entrepreneurial story together,

inspire more people to chase their dreams and forge ahead.

Corporate Culture



Pursuing High Standards

While making our cheese potatoes, we pursue not only delicious taste, but also high quality.


Through carefully selected ingredients and innovative recipes, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality and delicious products.



Like making cheese potato, entrepreneurs who form alliances and cooperative play an important role in the team.


We encourage open communication, creativity, and mutual support to build the best possible product tog



Encourage innovation and sharing

We encourage all entrepreneurs to try new things, innovate, and increase the quality of their products and services.


We value sharing and learning, and believe that through the joint efforts of the team, we can continuously improve and grow.


Care for employees and customers

We care about the well-being of our employees and value their development and personal growth.


We respect the needs and feedback of our customers and always maintain a keen insight to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty

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