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Ⅸ The Hermit (Upright)

Career Outlook

There will be a reflection on one's self and independent thinking time period that needed to encounter in the career path. The hermit in upright represents careful consideration and self inner insight, You will realized that you may need to face some obstacles and challenges in the work and solve them by yourself. This will be a time period when you will need need to stay away from external distractions, also will to concentrate on your self-developing and goals focusing. Throughout the independent thinking and self reflection you will obtain new insight and wisdom for laying a solid foundation in your career progress. By seeking for self inner guidance and intuition through self-improvement and self-learning to advance own abilities. At the same time keep up on communication and collaboration by sharing your opinions discoveries for obtaining more broad vision and support. This will be beneficial to the stage of self-development and career development.

Relationship Perspective

There will be a reflection on one's self and independent thinking time period that needed to encounter in the love relationship. The hermit in upright represents introspection and discover on the wisdom of inner-self, you will realized that you will need an independent thought and self discover in your love relationship. This will a time period when you need an independent decision-making and self inner balance discovery. Throughout introspection and self reflection you can clearly understand your own needs and values, conducting deep conversation and understanding between partners. To give you and your partner time and space, respecting each other’s self-development and independence is significant. Throughout discoveries of inner guidance and intuition you are able to find more deep-rooted connections and harmonies in a love relationship. This is beneficial on self-development and stage of stability in a relationship, through self discovery and inner wisdoms enable you and your partner establish deep love relationship basis between each other.

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Thorough Reference

  1. Introspection and Truth Discovery: The Hermits represents Introspection and the power of truth discovery. It express that you are seeking for deep thinking and understanding of inner world of yourself. You might need to stay alone to have communication with your inner self to discover inner guidance and wisdom.

  2. Solitude and Retirement: It implicates solitude and retirement. It express that you may hope for a distance from voices and external disturbance to find inner peace. You will need time and space to review on the past, reflect on the experiences to discover direction of life.

  3. Wisdom and Guidance: It hints for the existence of wisdom and guidance. It express that you might rely on intuition and wisdom but not external disturbance and opinion from others. Throughout independent thinking and self reflection you are able to find your own direction and answers.

  4. Improvement on Self Inner-Growth: It reminds you on the importance of improvement on self inner-growth. It express that you are now in the stage of self-development and self-improvement. Throughout self reflection and personal practices you will discover own potentials and achieve higher level on yourself.

  5. Seeking of Solitude and Peace: It encourages you to keep balance of your inner self while seeking for solitude and peace. It reminds you on nourishing self inner peace and balance through meditation and relaxing.


Ⅸ The Hermit(Reverse)

Career Outlook

There will be perplexed feelings and puzzles in the career path. The hermit in reversed implicates that you might found uneasy and unable to find a clear directions and goals. You might fall into a condition of loneliness and isolation, lacking of external support and guidance. This is a time period when you will need to review and reconstruct your plan. Try to communicate and collaborate with others to seek for suggestions and opinions. At the same time seeking of your inner balance and nail down your values and goals are significant. Proactive to seek for opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge, discover on new approach and possibilities. Throughout seeking supports and collaborations from others you will have the opportunity to overcome puzzle and perplexes in the career path, reconstruct stability and succeed in career path.

Relationship Perspective

There will be feelings if insolation and perplexed in the love relationship. The hermit in reversed hints that you might feel the distance and alienation between you and your partner. There might be miscommunication occur, causing unable to comprehend and unable to satisfy needs in the relationship between both you and your partner. This is the time period when re-examination and adjustment needed to conduct. Honest to express your feelings and needs, also listen to the voice of your partners are significant. Seeking for external supports and suggestions, possible through a profession assistance in order to solve the problem. At the same time you will need to put attention for your self inner needs and inner balance to seek for self-growth and inner peace. Through confrontation of obstacles and seeking for solutions you will have the opportunities to overcome the obstacles, reconstruct intimate and harmonies in your love relationship.

Relationship Perspective


Thorough Reference

  1. Loneliness and Isolation: It suggests that you may feel lonely and isolated. You may feel frustrated or dissatisfied in social and interpersonal relationships, unable to establish a genuine connection with others. The sense of loneliness may lead you to feel lost and insecure.

  2. Avoidance and Evasion: It indicates that you may be avoiding facing reality and solving the problems. You may be afraid of facing difficulties and challenges, choosing to evade and escape from reality. This avoidance behavior may hinder your growth and development.

  3. Inner Confusion and Loss of Direction: It suggests that you may feel confused and lost in direction. You may be confused about your goals and the meaning of life, unable to find a way forward. You need to re-examine your values and goals to find inner guidance.

  4. Isolated Wisdom and Guidance: You may have overlooked your inner wisdom and guidance. You may rely too much on external opinions and advice, and ignore your own inner voice and intuition. The neglection behavior may lead you to get lost and facing difficulties to find the true answers.

  5. Difficulty Embracing Solitude and Silence: It suggests that you may not be able to truly embrace solitude and silence. You may fear being alone and facing the voice and emotions within yourself. The avoidance of loneliness may hinder your connection and growth with yourself.


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